This poster was created in the workshop “Grafica por la infancia” sponsored by FACTORIA and ITAE ( Superior Institute of Ecuadorian Arts).

adults only a4

UNICEF Poster Competition

“UNICEF Finland Association called for graphic design students to design posters for children with bold, simple, and suitable messages. The works will be a message of hope to young people and adults to participate. The task was to find a poster with a fresh visual language and to try to avoid the stereotypes associated with the topic.

The poster theme of the competition is to reduce child mortality. The aim is to get young adults to realize that international collaboration is yielding significant results, and that no child will die of preventable causes. The poster will also inspire young people to donate.

The competition called ten art schools and universities in nine different countries: Ecuador, Israel, Japan, China, Poland, Finland, the Czech Republic, Russia and the United States. The competition brings together a total of 100 young poster designers. The exhibition is part of the Gulf of julistetriennalea and the Gulf of UNICEF city years.

The competition and exhibition is organized by the Finnish Association of UNICEF, City of Lahti and the Aalto ARTS.

Partners: Asko Foundation, Friends of the poster, julistetriennale the Gulf, the Gulf of Radio, Multi Print bay”


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