About me

Santiago Gómez is a award winning poster designer from Quito, Ecuador. His work has be selected for competitions such as Poster for Tomorrow, Golden Bee Global Biennale of Graphic Design, Bienal De Cartel Mexico, Skopje Poster Macedonia and many others.

He believes the poster plays a huge role in modern society that can change the minds of the people and make the world a better place; and that is why he loves this medium.

Santiago has made conferences and workshops around Ecuador such as Cromia Festival de Diseño 2014, Universidad Metropolitana del Ecuador, Universidad Tecnológica Equinoccial, ITSI el campus diseńo II, Cordillera institute, LA RUEDA de EDCOM 2014, Cromia Festival de Diseño 2015, Instituto de diseño La Metro and another more…

Currently he is the Co-Founder of Ecuador Poster and Scott Gomez, also he is a collaborator with Poster Poster.

International Poster Exhibition Pachamama – Peru
Skopje Poster – Macedonia 2013
Poster for Tomorrow 2013
Shanghai Type Festival 2013
Postit – Russia 2014
11 Golden Bee Global Biennale of Graphic Design
13 Bienal De Cartel Mexico
III Concurso Nacional De Afiches. – Ecuador
Toolkit Startup – Greece
Afiches Abolicionistas “Toreo nunca más” – Ecuador
19th International Poster Exhibition in Finland
II International Poster Exhibition Leipzig – Germany
Voice of Peace – Ukraine
Concurso Afiches Aneta 2014 – Ecuador
Poster for Tomorrow 2014
Today is already tomorrow – Italy
Gaza Poster Exhibition – Turkey
First Japa Group Social Poster Exhibition – Iran
Ciberespacio Fanzine #3 – Ecuador
7th United Designs Shanghai
AUSENTES Carteles Sobre el Abuso Sexual Infantil – Peru
4th Block IX International Eco-Poster Triennale – Ukraine
Water is Life – Germany
Asia Next 2015 – Shangai
Vidak 2015 – China
Taiwan 2016 – 2016 Taiwan International Student Design Competition


Santiago Gómez

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